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Texas Instruments Home Computer TI-99/4A

Rakstīja: MaiklsBlack 25 марта, 2019

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Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
Released: June 1981
Price: US$525 (without monitor)
How many: 2.8 Million
CPU: TI TMS9900, 3MHz
Memory: 16K RAM, 26K ROM
Display: Video via an RF modulator
32 characters by 24 lines text
192 X 256, 16 color graphics
Ports: ROM cartridge (on front)
Data storage cassette
Audio/Video output
Joystick input
CPU bus expansion
Peripherals: Speech Synthesizer
Peripheral Expansion Box
Data storage cassette
300 baud modem

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (Model №: PHC004A)

Rakstīja: MaiklsBlack 25 апреля, 2012

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Texas Instruments TI-99/4A выпущенный в июне 1981 года был одним из первых домашних компьютеров, первоначальная цена состовляла  525 $.  Это была улучшенная версия модели TI-99/4 не такой успешной. В модели TI-99/4A добавлен дополнительный графический режим и  строчные буквы. Для этой модели были доступны периферийные устройства —  контроллер и 5.25″ дисковод гибких дисков, RS-232 карта.

MANUFACTURER      Texas Instruments
TYPE      Home Computer
ORIGIN      U.S.A.
YEAR      1981
KEYBOARD      QWERTY full-stroke keyboard, 48 keys
CPU      TI TMS 9900 (with 256 bytes ‘cache’, actually it accesses to 256 bytes of RAM)
SPEED      3,3 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR      TMS 9918 (TMS 9929 in Europe) — Video / Sprite
RAM      16 KB — Memory expansion card can be added : 4 KB or 32 KB (up to 52 KB)
VRAM      16 KB
ROM      26 KB   8 KB ROM connected to the CPU + 18 KB ROM in byte-serial bit-mapped circuits (usually known as GROM, Graphic Only Memory)
TEXT MODES      32 x 24 (16 colors), 40 x 24 (2 colors)
GRAPHIC MODES      Multicolor mode : 48 x 64 with 16 colors
256 x 192 with 16 colors (only accesed via machine code)
Sprites (only with TI-Extended Basic)
COLOrsc      16
SOUND      3 channels, 5 octaves (110hz to 55khz) and 1 noise channel (periodic and white)
SIZE / WEIGHT      38 x 25,5 x 6 cm / 2,15 kg
I/O PORTS      Tape interface, RGB video, Joystick (2), cartridge slot (Solid State Cartridge)
OS      TI’s own system, but a p-code card could be added, which gave access to the UCSD p-system and a Pascal compiler.
POWER SUPPLY      Special TI external PSU  (pins 1,2 : 16v / 1,6A — pins 2,4 : 8v / 0,15A)

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